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We focus on creating in-depth tutorials rather then a ton of low-quality crap tutorials.
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February 20, 2007
Version six is LIVE! :D Well, It's not 100% done, but It'll have to do. The biggest change in this version would have to be SEO. Just look at the nice URL's :) Anyways, I've been up all night (5:43am now) and I really need some... food.
posted by: TyR

February 19, 2007
Big news! I'm almost done with version 6 of N1Studios!
posted by: TyR

February 17, 2007
It's been a looooooooong time since the last update, but that does'nt mean that I've abandoned this site. I've just been really busy lately. But I will continue to develop and run this site. I just paid for another of hosting. That's the fourth year so far acctually! Pretty good for a tutorial site I'd say. The hosting price is just 1/4 of what it was the first year and its about 8 times better :P
posted by: TyR

July 21, 2006
I added another PHP-Snippet today, on how to fetch search results from google. I'm still working on the next version of n1studios.net with a whole new and improved design and some more content. It will probably be released within 3 to 4 weeks.
posted by: TyR

July 14, 2006
I know I said I would be adding alot of tutorials from now on, but the thing is, I got a job this summer, wich kinda wore me out for a couple of weeks. I managed to add 1 though. And I also added another category in the sippets. "CSS" Check it out. And behave yourself ^_^
posted by: TyR

June 6, 2006
Heh, just had to post something today :P Anyways, expect a ton of tutorials to be added from now on (starting in a few days) because school is about over and I have ALOT of time on my hands.
posted by: TyR

June 5, 2006
It's been a while since the last news post now, but don't worry, we're still alive and we've added alot of content since the last post. About 3 photoshop tutorials, some affiliates and maybe some more stuff. I've also been working on another site, http://www.displaypictures.org Cheers =)
posted by: TyR

April 30, 2006
Okee, I just added yet another photoshop tutorial. Check it out! And also, theres alot of free advetisement space now. Check out the "advertise" page for more information. Have fun.
posted by: TyR

April 12, 2006
Happy Birthday to me :P
posted by: TyR

April 11, 2006
Hello World, check out the tutorial on CSS File Protection I just wrote, pretty interesting I'd say :P Also, I've also added another page under "Support Us". We have been selling adspace at this site for a while now, and made a decent amount of cash that we're using on webhosting for our projects. So if you want to support us by advertising at this site, have a look at the "advertise" page.
posted by: TyR

March 11, 2006
Sorry for the lack of news posting lately, but that doesn't mean that we've stopped working on the site. We've added ALOT of tutorials and features. The site is acctually getting close to 25000 unique hits! Not bad =)
posted by: TyR

February 25, 2006
Here's some news for you: I've added alot of content and features the last few days. 3 new photoshop tutorials and a php tutorial. I've added a CSS Lists page under the templates section, where you can find nice examples on how you can create navigation menus with lists + CSS. And I also tried to add some more Game Maker content to this page, by adding am example page, where you can download editable Game Maker files. Enjoy.
posted by: TyR

February 20, 2006
Oh yeh, the last hours have been intense, I've been sitting here adding content and features to this website non stop (except from some hours of sleep and some food) and im planning to continue like this untill, lets say next monday :P If I don't get interrupted. If you got any suggestion or feed back, please contact me through the contact page.
posted by: TyR

February 19, 2006
Ok, testing testing. Weeh, looks like the new news system is working. Anyways, I hope you like the new design, tried to keep it somewhat simple this time. And sorry for the lack of updates the last weeks, but were back on track now. I've been working on a number of other websites for a while but it turns out this is the most profitable site, so I'm going to go for this one. And btw, check out this forum TehMod.net
posted by: TyR

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